When we launched our Company in 2003 we used a collection of Databases and spreadsheets and typical paper and PC based filing. As our Company grew it was identified that a complete solution was required to run the firm, while keeping customers updated and production, stores, dispatch and the office continually updated in real time. There were many fine ERP systems off the shelf but we found the software to be limiting and we would need to bend some our procedures to suit. We commissioned a brand new ERP specifically created to run and link all areas of our operation. Our system houses all of our stock, customer drawings and procedures and all quality systems. We have found that we instantly cut our paper consumption by around 40%. All product and build standards are also stored on our system and directly link to any purchase order verifying a much more reliable flow of information. The integrity of the information is much safer as all is backed up by in house servers and also cloud based storage. As all information is held directly on our system, once a product is verified, all information regarding that line is locked into the order line, and the verified info is available (and uneditable) to all staff involved once they are logged in, this ensures that the correct info is always available to all departments.